Are Crrrunchbites vegan?

The BBQ, Chili Lime, Ranch, and Sea Salt flavors are all dairy-free and vegan.


Are Handfulls products gluten free?

Yes! All flavors and products under the Handfulls brand (CrrrunchBites and Fusions)  are certified Gluten Free.


Are all Handfulls products kosher?

All Handfulls products, Crrrunchbites and Fusions, are all cRc kosher certified.  


Will Handfulls blow my mind?



Do they come in different sizes?

Although we don't currently offer multiple sizes, we are working on a smaller stick pack to meet your varied snacking needs. Sign up for our emails to be notified when it launches.   


Are the nuts in Cabo Crunch roasted in oil?

No. The kettle coated nuts use a unique water kettle roasting process that glazes each nut without the use of oil.


Are Crrrunchbites a chip wrapped around a nut, or a nut stuffed chip?

Good question. Since we start with the nut and flash roast them in a light batter, a nut wrapped in a chip is probably more accurate.